Work Experience Program Internship 2023

Work Experience Program Internship

Work Experience Program Internship is here for all the youths willing to learn important skills to help them be independent and self employed.

Work Experience Program Internship 2023

Work experience program (WEP) is a three months internship program that is aimed at introducing the selected youths to a firsthand knowledge in a particular field.

It is used to help the youths acquire a specific skill that will help them in becoming a better person in the future.

They acquire these skills and use it to help themselves and also help the society at large.


Brief Description of Work Experience Program Internship

This internship program was introduced to Nigerian youths to help curve out the issues of unemployment that have raved the country over the years.

It was made to make the youths to be independent, so as to create a sustainable livelihood for everyone being self employed.

WEP was founded and introduced by the federal ministry of youth and sports development strictly for the youth development at large all over the country.

About Youth and Sports Development

This is ministry that was developed for the sake of the youths in Nigeria. It was made to be used to get across the young youths.


The ministry creates lots of opportunities for over the years helping the youths acquire relevant skills beneficial to them and the society at large.

It is important to note that the goal of federal ministry of Youth & Sports Development is to Build Young people for Human Capital Utilization and Productivity.

Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development (FMYSD) has the mission to Provide a Sustainable Framework for the Formulation and Implementation of Policies, Programmes and other Initiatives which Promote and Enhance Youth and Sports Development in collaboration with Stakeholders.

Benefits of the Work Experience Program Internship

They are indeed lots of benefits, advantages and miscellaneous included in the internship program that will trigger you more to join.


They are listed below:

  • WEP Improves your soft skills such as emotional intelligence, teamwork, people skills confidence and problem solving.
  • It provides you with an opportunity to relate career courses with workplace scenarios.
  • And it Gives you valuable insights into the diversity of employees in the workplace.
  • Also Prepares for the demands and expectations of the fast evolving world of work.
  • They also Provides you with appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude concerning both paid and unpaid work.
  • You will also be paid a specific amount of N30, 000 per month for three months, during the months of the internship program.
  • Other incentives might be included which may not be known to the whole public.

Eligibility and Criteria

For you to be able to apply for the work experience program internship, they are some certain things you will be required to have so as to be successful.

I am going to mention them here, just make sure to read through the lines and grab all the information before proceeding to carry out the application.

Listed below are the criteria to apply for this internship program:

  • You must be between the age of 18-35 years.
  • Must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • Be a graduate of tertiary institution either B.Sc or HND (university or polytechnic).
  • Must also have any Nigerian means of identification issued by the government.
  • You must be ready to travel to different locations since the program is not based in one state.
  • Must also possess a good character and willing to take corrections in order to be taken as an intern.

How to Apply for the Internship

Interested persons are advised to carry out their application using the link below or click here

Work Experience Program


Work experience program internship is a very nice program for all the youths in Nigeria as a whole.


All the Nigerian youths are expected to apply for this and acquire good skills to be able to compete with the society.

It will also help you to socialize with other youths from different part of the country.

I pave way for skills learning that are beneficial to young bloods, to fasten their sustainability in the society at large.

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